About us

Tuscany, Florence

For more then 20 years we have been offering Headset/Whisper Rentals for Guided Visits, Company, Bike Tours as well as Conventions, Company Events and Exhibitions.

The Headsets have proven to be an essential asset to aid to both the listeners, and guides in often crowded loud settings as well as providing a sense of decorum & respect for groups on specific sites such as outdoor visits, Museums, Archeological Sites & Churches.

Professionality, cordiality, punctuality

Our audio system are ready to use upon delivery complete with Receivers, Transmitters, Microphones and single use Earpieces. For a Long Rental (more then one day) we offer a Kit that has batteries, and extra microphones, transmitters and earpieces. Our services include delivery onsite, pick up onsite and a test of the devices onsite.

Thanks to our central office location, our staff are able to arrive in any location efficiently for delivery but also technical support.

Our clients range from Tour Operators, Worldwide Travel Agencies, Tour Guides, Schools, Universities and Foundations.

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In Florence you can find our service

in various locations including Hotels, Restaurants, the Uffizi Gallery, the Pitti Palace, the Academy Gallery, Dome, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce, Old Bridge and Signoria Square.

We are also availableto provide our rental services in other Italian cities

Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Padova, Milan, Venice and Trieste.

We aspire to offer a quality personable and professional service that permits our clients to have an enjoyable experience in complete tranquility, allowing you to listen or speak in any location or distance.