Headsets rental in Florence

We are a rental service that takes care of the delivery and collection of devices that allows remote listening for your tour guides, teachers and various types of speakers

Discover the advantages of headsets and how easy it is to rent them

What are headsets?

They are devices capable of transmitting and receiving audio signals even at great distances, such as the narrative voice of the speaker addressing a group of people far apart. Headsets, also known as radio guides, allow you to stay focused on listening to those who relay or instruct and allow you to feel free to move around without missing a word. For example, you can go around the works of art while continuing to listen to the story of the tour guide, or inside noisy galleries, observing the functioning of manufacturing machines being able to hear the speaker explaining how it works. Even during film sets, they allow operators to hear the director’s instructions.
They are kits made up of radio receivers and transmitters that work on the basis of variable frequencies. These are frequencies authorized for free use for the specific use we make of them. These frequencies are divided into channels and the related transmitter is associated for each channel. Many radio guide kits for many groups that use them will each have their own frequency channel. Each transmitter has the necessary power to reach each audio guide within a range of 100 metres.

Why rent headsets

The main reason why headsets are rented is to prevent the speaker from disturbing other people outside the organized group. Other reasons are the ability to maintain constant listening without noise or interference at the desired volume. Physical distancing from the speaker and other group members. Freedom of movement, to be able to observe or take notes without remaining glued to the person speaking, and for relaxed listening.
Among the reasons to rent audio guide systems, there are the obligations, which many museums and churches are adopting, to use radio guides to avoid the disturbance caused by the numerous tourist guides who provide explanations. But also to guarantee a reserved listening to the pre-established group of people. Now they are inevitable even outside where in the crowded streets and squares of the centre it has become impossible to move without them.
There are many reasons to rent an audio guide, for example they allow you to listen to the speaker even from a distance without the latter having to shout or disturb the groups and people around. The use allows to maintain the physical distance and gives the possibility to the tourist to go around the site freely without having to follow the guide like a shadow. The headset allows for quick and easy listening without missing any words.

Who is the headsets rental aimed at?

Business groups visiting Florence

The audience of users of the headsets or radio guides rental service is very numerous, primarily groups of tourists, cultural associations and organized trips full of participants who flock to the cities of art to discover the beauty of monuments, churches and museums. They are fundamental in bike tours or boat trips, thanks to the considerable distance that the transceiver are capable of reaching of the audio guides are able to reach. Schools of all types and levels for cultural visits and varied study courses. Long Rentals, or rather the rental of headsets for several consecutive days, to always be equipped with the ability to listen during all the visits of the tour. Parish groups.


Among the users, the companies that organize tours within their establishments to promote or make their work known to their customers certainly stand out. For conventions or incentives, for congresses. But also for trade fairs or for your own training courses.

Benefits of headsets rental?

The possibility of renting headsets avoids having to buy them. The various radio guides kits on the market have a fairly significant cost when compared to the number of times they will be used. This also means never having to worry about the natural maintenance these appliances constantly need. Failure to use the headsets leads over time to oxidation of the contacts and deterioration of the batteries.
Among the advantages of renting, the light-heartedness of finding a delivery and collection service for the radio guides in the desired place, carried out by competent and available personnel, following a scheduled booking. In addition to the ease of having to use appliances that are already programmed and ready to use.

The advantages are many and range from the possibility of listening at a distance, to listening in noisy environments such as squares, museums and fairs, but also inside factories and production plants of all kinds. It is also possible to follow courses and sporting activities while maintaining direct contact with the instructor or on the stage of a theatre where it is possible to follow the prompter’s instructions. To rent them, just send an email indicating the day, place and time, or call to obtain the radio guides delivery and collection service at the desired place and time

Florence headsets rental cost

The rental of headsets offers enormous advantages at a negligible cost. For example, the cost of hiring a radio guide for half a day is equal to that of a breakfast at the bar, which includes a croissant and a coffee. The headset helps us listen and avoids nullifying the cost of a guide which otherwise would not be able to hear.

The radio guide rental service offers the option of paying by bank transfer or by credit card upon receipt of electronic billing